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Sep 25 16

And That’s a Winner

by Tom Klein

Those famous words from Jack Buck came to mind this Saturday. I wrote a story that was entirely dialog and entered it in two contest without any activity. No win, no honorable mention. So, without changes I gave it one more chance. And it won.

The Last Conversation

The Last Conversation

The judge wrote:

This is a compelling short story that stands out for its strong voice, expert use of dialogue, and unnerving, original plot. It is the clear winner among the other entries…

It’s a lot of fun writing and more fun when something wins. Thanks to Saturday Writers, the email critique group, my wife, Phyllis, for judging my content and my daughter, Emily, for cleaning up my sentence structure and punctuation.


Oct 12 14


by Tom Klein

No, this is not a tribute to Mork and Mindy. Anyway, that was ‘nanu nanu’.

Novemeber is Na No Wri Mo, National Novel Writing Month.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 1.45.50 PMSo what does that mean? It means don’t call me next month. I need to write 50,000 words in one month, or 1600 words per day or 70 words per hour, just over one per minute, every minute of every hour of every day.

Okay, so the plan is not to spit out one word per minute, although those might be some really good words. The plan is to write for an hour per day and spit out 1400 to 1800 words per day. My wife informs me I cannot write on Thanksgiving so I’ll be meeting up with a few of my favorite writer friends on the weekend to spend 3 to 4 hours writing.

If you live in St. Charles, come by the Spencer Road Branch¬†and see how it is done. Lot’s of fun, lot’s of effort and when Hollywood calls, lot’s of reward.

Hey, we all have to dream.


Oct 9 14

Liz Schulte

by Tom Klein
Liz Schulte

Liz Schulte

I was schooled last night in the art of publishing. Thank you Liz Schulte. I won’t give away all the secrets but the first step was: Write a Book.


Okay, I knew that step. But seriously, the rest of the night was filled with great information about how, where, what to publish. How to prepare. How to track. How to promote.

And then we went into her real life experience. I mean she quit her day job and now her job is to write. How COOL is that!

If you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak, you should. She is worth the time and effort to see. She talked about how to write. How to edit. How to make book covers. When to publish. When to push and when to sit back and let the world spin your way.

I’m excited. So excited that I have to get off my blog and back into my first step. Write that book!