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Should I write about ‘IT’

by Tom Klein on July 7th, 2010

Reading is part of writing. My wife and I like to read, much the same thing. And so to better myself as a writer, I need to continue to read. While this may seem a little lame, every book on writing suggests it. I guess it feels like a marathoner training by watching ‘Chariots of Fire’ but read I will.

On a personal note, I’ve combined the reading time with riding a stationary bicycle, so reading/writing has become a sweaty business.

As to what to read, well, they say read everything. Everything that you might like to write, even to the point where I’m looking for certain scenes or items. One thing, I’ve written a car chase into my first novel and I’m still looking to read a good car chase to judge how I’ve done. My wife read my car chase and said at one point, “I sure hope he had his seat belt on.” So I guess I got something right.

Which brings me to my next quandary, sex. Well, not sex but writing about sex and the resulting act of reading about sex. What does it say about me? I read a novel now and in the process I not only think of the main character but now of the author and what must go through his or her mind to create this character, to move this character, fornicate this character. I also keep in mind that when I’m published dozens of friends and relatives will read what I write and thus that I dreamt this stuff up. Not that I dream about it, but with the character in this role, I dreamt it up. I had him or her do this or that.

I didn’t hesitate to have the good guy kill the bad guy with a couple of well placed rounds, exploding the side of the victims skull (and puking about it later). But have a character lick and twist a… well you fill in the blank.

So back to reading. I’m looking for good novelist. You know, authors with a following. Because if a million people like that author and I write similar stuff, I too might have a million readers. I asked my hair stylist and she and I like James Patterson. She suggested, John Sanford. I read the first one ‘Rules of Prey’ and I would recommend it to all of you. The lead character is the intersection of good luck, good looks and good moves. In other words, he has woman and has them well.

Which got me to think about sex, well writing about sex, thus today’s topic.

I like to watch ‘BONES’. There is a episode were Temperence gets interviewed about her books. She’s a famous, well paid author (my aspiration). But the interviewer wants to talk about the sex in the novel. It turns out the sex is written by Bone’s friend, Angela. (In the end Bones, cuts Angela in on the deal, knowing that her brainy who-done-it only really sells because of all the sex Angela puts in the book.)

So Sex or not to Sex? That is the question. My mother and father have passed away, thus that embarrassment is spared. However I do have my daughter and sons and wife and sister and in-laws and cousins and friends and co-workers.

Let me know what you think.

Sex sells. Turn on your TV. And it’s on the bookshelves too.

I guess if I can write about the blood spatter, I guess I can write about the spatter of… well you get the idea.

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  1. kleinp permalink

    Hmmmm,I expect you have the confidence to write about sex. From my perspective, it doesn’t need to be detailed, because the reader’s mind can fill in the blanks. PK

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