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That’s a Winner

by Tom Klein on October 1st, 2014

PostCard WinnerWell, I must have put a few words together that somebody liked, because I won second place a writing competition. The President of Saturday Writer’s spent some time in Hawaii and while there picked up an interesting postcard. She brought it back and asked members to submit a short story (2014 words or less). These were given to her anonymously here is the result. This will be published in our groups anthology later this year.

I’d like to thank my daughter, Emily, for correcting my English, especially the punctuation and all the folks in my “reader group” for putting up with a few versions until I found the find set of words to submit.

For any of you that enjoy reading, get a word processor and start writing. Writing is one step higher than reading and when you submit a work and win a prize or an honorable mention, it’s like icing on the cake.

For my family, you can see the postcard and my name “in lights” at our list of contest¬†winners.


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