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Making the Big Time

by Tom Klein on April 29th, 2014

I can’t speak for all writers but my guess is that most of us want to be read, published and rich. Secretly or openly, we’d all like tSaturday Writers 1st Placeo be a combination Stephen King, James Patterson and Tom Clancy, along with a sum of all their wealth. Okay, part of their wealth? (A large part.)

On Saturday I found out that I will join the big three and millions of others, as a published author. No, I won’t get the millions, but like chipping a ball onto the green and watching it trickle into the hole, knowing on that one shot, even Tiger Woods couldn’t have done it better, I feel like I finally put together a stream of words which someone I’ve never met finally read and enjoyed. Unlike the golf shot there is still room for improvement (like the rest of my golf game.)

I owe a great big thanks to the Saturday Writers. We hold a monthly contest that allows young writers (in writer years if not calendar years) submit their short stories in a double blind contest and compete for publishing slots in our Cuivre River Anthology.

As exciting as winning is, it just makes me want to work harder, write more and try new things. For a day I sat back and glowed but I’m back at the keyboard and you should be too. There are a million contests with a zillion winners. You could be a winner too. A published author, with credits.

All you have to do is write.




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