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The Writers Market books all recommend that as a new aspiring author, I have a blog. So here it is…

I’m trying to become a writer. I’ve read fiction all my life, science fiction as a young adult, mystery fiction as I got older. I’ve always had a good imagination and so here I am.

I write all day but I write software. But software is just another way to model the real world. And when you do it you have to think about how everything connects, think ahead about all the details or else it will unravel when you try it out.

I find writing fiction to be much of the same. Another way to represent the ‘real world’, my fictional real world. I have to think of all the details or else it falls flat when someone reads it.

When one of my programs run, it give me a great feeling of satisfaction. When someone turns the pages of my written word quickly because they cannot wait and I hear them giggle when they get the humor, its much the same thing for me.

Now if I can only make a living writing fiction instead of programming.

We’ll see.

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  1. Fred Henke permalink

    Write on!!!!!!!!!

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